is a Studio for visual and conceptual Arts. Our work mainly happens in the field of photography with all its boarders and frontiers. Things we have fallen in loved with, believed in, worked and struggled with – It‘s all here:

It’s frozen time, a subtle movement or moment. Photography teases us by its capacity to STILL/LIFE. Turning pages is putting thought into motion. Our EDITORIALS try to keep up with the rhythm of texts and pictures on a page. People’s most favorite photographed objects are people. We do PORTRAITS to face this desire.

Action-Reaction is also a way of understanding. Since 2011 we keep up our VISUAL CONVERSATION and MOVING DIALOGUE.


Heinrichstr. 15
60327 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0) 69 3470 32 32


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Text by Nicolas Oxen
Website by NEW TENDENCY, Moritz Ebeling